Who is rihanna dating now september 2016

At the time, as reported by , Rihanna and Drake were reportedly spotted kissing at a bowling alley in Manhattan.

Drake’s been in Miami for the past couple of days since he had a two-night stint in the city for his tour.It was a challenge but I wanted nothing more than to give my fans a true representation of all the colors that I'm made of as an artist! My journey has been filled with growth and people who continue to inspire me! This is a night for us all to be thankful for what you have done for us!You have affected so many of our lives in the best way possible. @badgalriri A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on YOU KNOW HOW we all have those friends who seem like they would be perfect together, but, for whatever reason, can never get it together to actually bite the bullet and be a couple? Since 2009, the world has looked on as the pair have collaborated, shifted and allegedly ‘hooked up’.

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