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There were some emails involved, but that was because they sent some out to ANet and not because ANet was being proactive in telling him that a function in the game was unlocked.

I'm just gonna wait it out for the moment, I didn't have an account prior to the game changing it's policy on free accounts recently, I made an account, played for free, then decided to upgrade the account.

I got access to the stuff I was missing, but I still can't seem to be able to sell weapons or armor in the "Trading Company"Tells me that new accounts need to be verified and this feature will unlock after 4 days, so do I have to wait for an email or just wait for the 4 days and bam it's unlocked?

Anyone else updated their account earlier and has verified their account? I can't say this for certain, as I've never dealt with the upgrade before and no one I know has ever done it either, but if it's anything like some of the other issues in that vein you'll just suddenly be able to do any of the previously locked things.

As an alternative to this method of authentication, you should consider using a mobile authenticator.

This allows you to bypass e-mail authentication, which makes your account more secure (even if your e-mail account is compromised, your Guild Wars 2 account will still be safe).

If you were denied access when trying to log in to the Guild Wars 2 game client or official website, please check your e-mail for a notification from us.

https:// Guild Wars 2 Account Support Team Did anyone else got it?

I think it is a phishing e-mail so I’m not logging in using this links. As jackaljag already said, this is a phishing email. And jackaljag is also correct when he says that we don’t warn players about their accounts being suspended or even terminated.

So you old timers probably wouldn't know what I'm talking about haha, I think only a new player who did the same thing I did might.right it bugged the crap out of me but It is for a good reason.

Then you have to consider if you want to prepare him for dungeons, raids or Wv W.

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If the log-in attempt came from you, follow the link in the e-mail and select Remember this Network.

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