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It allows users to play 4k/1080p/1080i Blu-ray discs chapter by chapter or title by title, but also can freely choose their preferred language, video quality, audio quality, audio effect, subtitles and more.

Image quality is slightly better in the more expensive arch-rival Panasonic DMP-UB900, but that machine costs up to 50 per cent more.But this machine isn't for home cinema purists – it's for the casual crowd looking for next-generation home video on a budget, and it's perfect for that.The 2TB edition we reviewed has since been revealed to be a limited edition item, and is already sold out everywhere.- Improved BD-V Playability - Improves the disc reading time by an average of 5-6 seconds - Improves the display of the Lionel Richie Live top menu. (Enables "Still Off" setting.) I noticed a bug in DMP-BD60.When I try to load Bolt with an ethernet wire hooked in it fails to load the movie menus though it succeeds to load trailers from the movie. Then I took the ethernet wire out and viola it worked and loaded the movie menus.

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