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It means there will be something peculiar about their birthday.It may be the same birthday as a best friend or it may be the birthday of a brother or sister. The Twin Flame journey is a healing journey for both halves. However this love truly lands and happens in the physical - not speaking of the different ballet stages of "running" but of the LONG RUN - if we are truly committed to grow and do our inner work.There will be some kind of connection linked in with birthdays if you look hard enough.2.The feeling like you already knew this person before you met. That feeling like you have already met this person somewhere before. You will feel a strong connection with them anytime you think about them or they are in your presence.3. A twin flame may be so shocking for us to discover that they may feel unreal or like you are dreaming.Twin-flame soul mates are two souls that have split from one light being, much like identical twin humans have split into two beings from one egg.Does every light being split into twin-flame soul mates? Why do some beings split into twin-flame soul mates?

They are like another version of ourselves -- same energy, same vibration, same big smile, same twirling mind, same joy, same flaws and even addictions. Could it be similar childhood or family's situations, money worries, patterns of relating in relationships ? The Union / separation cycle between Twins, also known as “the Twin Flame dance,” is kind of predictable. Separation is the time where the caterpillar surrenders his life, an ego death, and incubates in its cocoon. The only space you get from each other is physical space on a 3D plane, for the micro-unit of time that we are alive in carbon bodies. After we pass the test, we graduate, and go on to the next cycle. You must be proactive in choosing to remain in a state of non-attachment. Trusting that we will be taken care of is difficult if you were not taken care of as a child. This need has to be balanced to support Twin Flame Union. Healthy need says, “I can make it without you, but I’d rather not.” Healthy need is not about surviving, but thriving. I know that I could find a way to be happy without her. You could talk out loud, write letters and burn them, send mental images, or ask your guides to bring them songs. If your TF is still asleep, you are probably conversing with their Higher Self, which, at this point, is deep in their subconscious mind. The ego will make you completely miserable if you let it, until it decides to give up. That discomfort you feel in the physical absence of your twin, the separation anxiety, is attachment. I have no fucking clue why my Twin disappeared just now, but fuck it. Some consider it a soul-mate while others say it’s something more.For all of us that think we have found our soul-mate I am going to share some identifying factors.

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