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Because some materials were available in particular regions and periods, the retrieval of pigments with a well-known date of invention allows art historians to date artifacts post quem.Other pigments may be known to have disappeared from the artists’ palette, so their presence permits experts to date artifacts ante quem."A spectrographic analysis of tape recordings of Blue-winged Warblers at one locality on Long Island, New York, revealed the limits of individual and intrapopulational variation in the song of that species in an area where the closely related Golden-winged Warbler does not breed.Intrapopulational variation consisted of different combinations and sequences of four basic components.

The primary science goal for NIRSpec is enabling large spectroscopic surveys of astronomical objects with a particular focus on the study of distant galaxies.

The method is sensitive to 0.05 micrograms of beryllium per cubic meter of air, with a coefficient of variation of less than 11% in the 0.5 to 2 microgram range.

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By programming the MSA to only open those shutters coinciding with the pre-selected objects of interest, light from these objects is then isolated and allowed to enter the spectroscopic stage of the instrument.

Since each shutter is individually controlled a number of slit patterns can be configured using the MSA.

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