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The administration shall not be considered dispensing.“Institutional formulary system” means a method whereby the medical staff evaluates, appraises, and selects those medicinal drugs or proprietary preparations which in the medical staff’s clinical judgment are most useful in patient care, and which are available for dispensing by a practicing pharmacist in a Class II institutional pharmacy.“Medicinal drugs” or “drugs” means those substances or preparations commonly known as “prescription” or “legend” drugs which are required by federal or state law to be dispensed only on a prescription, but shall not include patents or proprietary preparations as hereafter defined.“Patent or proprietary preparation” means a medicine in its unbroken, original package which is sold to the public by, or under the authority of, the manufacturer or primary distributor thereof and which is not misbranded under the provisions of the Florida Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The term “institutional pharmacy” includes every location in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, dispensary, sanitarium, extended care facility, or other facility, hereinafter referred to as “health care institutions,” where medicinal drugs are compounded, dispensed, stored, or sold.

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