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Magneto and Charles Xavier haven’t been this adorable together since X-Men: First Class.

Here’s wishing the newlyweds all the best – and that, hopefully, Ozell makes a great cup of tea (earl grey, hot).

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of our favorite people – how can you not love an anti-domestic violence advocate who once piloted the Starship Enterprise?

That being said, we’re incredibly happy that the actor has boldly gone where so many have gone before: down the aisle!

) or a Democrat, Patrick Stewart has found a silver lining to Donald Trump’s election as president: He’s applying to become a United States citizen.

The actor best known as Professor Xavier and Captain Picard revealed the news on He said it was a perfectly “innocent tweet” but also revealed that he and wife Sunny Ozell had gone to D. to have dinners with three friends, “Washington insiders,” to get advice on how to oppose Trump.

The 73-year-old actor wed his long-time girlfriend, jazz singer Sunny Ozell, over the weekend, in a ceremony officiated by Lord of the Rings actor Ian Mc Kellen.

Sir Patrick Stewart enthusiastically joined Daniel Ricciardo in a 'shoey' celebration on the Formula 1 podium on Sunday, drinking champagne from the driver's boot with gusto.

Fight, fight, oppose, oppose." Stewart, a native of Yorkshire, England, has lived on and off in the United States since securing the role of Jean-Luc Picard in the 1980s.

Since 2012, when he was dating Ozell (they married in 2013), he has lived in Brooklyn.

Danica Patrick is a female race car driver and has set several records for women drivers, including becoming the first woman to lead the Indy 500 and the first woman to win the pole position at the Daytona 500.“I was brought up to be the fastest driver, not the fastest girl.

That's how I've always approached my racing career.

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Thereafter, his participation in local amateur dramatics increased steadily, even after he quit school at 15 to work as a reporter.

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