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Finished with needing the email notifications you set up? offers a free, no hassles opt-out service so you can stop receiving emails about county jail arrests when you no longer want them.Current Events, Male June 05, 2017 Two Florida men were arrested Friday after a drug deal occurred in front of a cop. 31-year-old Eric Velez was recognized by the cop due to previous arrests.Read Full Story"Yes, we've been hanging out together as we've known each other for ages,'' Gale admits."He's great and a lot of fun and we really enjoy each other.'' -- Megan Gale quote about new boyfriend Andy Lee Read Full Story"I spent my 20s travelling back and forward to Italy, so now I want to spend some time on me, doing things and being with people I want to be with.'' -- Megan Gale Quote Sounds like Aussie supermodel Megan Lee is off the market.The cop saw another man, 28-year-old Alexander Scott Handley, get into Velez’s car, give Velez money, and leave. Continue Reading › Current Events, Male June 05, 2017 A man in Florida was arrested for throwing a rock at a flamingo and injuring the bird. Police responded to the call at the park following reports of someone throwing a rock at one particular flamingo.The flamingo fell upon being struck, causing injury. Continue Reading › Celebrity, Current Events, Male, Sports June 05, 2017 Roger Lewis, a receiver for the New York Giants, was arrested on OVI (operating a vehicle while impaired) charges over the weekend. Continue Reading › Current Events, Female June 05, 2017 A New York woman traveling with two children strapped inside her car is facing charges after allegedly driving while intoxicated.Mount Gambier City Council has held a special meeting to discuss allegations regarding Mayor Andrew Lee, who today responded to claims he used a taxpayer-funded business trip to China to meet with a potential business partner.

The report claimed Mayor Lee had a meeting with Chinese businessman Gang Ye while on the State Government-organised trip to Shandong, but he denied any wrongdoing in an interview with ABC Radio.They also revealed that their show would be similar to their Caravan of Courage series."A studio is too expensive and way too glossy for us," Lee said. It’s just something where you have to figure it out and go through it. This is somebody I’ve really cared about, in a complicated way, obviously. That’s really what she’s trying to work through this year.We haven’t done anything like this before, so it was all new for me.” While Peregrym says she didn’t have any concerns about what the unexpected baby news meant for Sam and Andy’s future, her alter ego is not quite so calm and collected in the upcoming season (premiering Thursday at 10/9c on ABC). That’s something that is above her, it’s beyond her, and she has to really evaluate for another life what the right thing is.” Below, Peregrym previews Andy’s “difficult” adjustment to Sam’s impending fatherhood and whether the couple will be contemplating marriage. When you’re building a life with somebody and this sort of obstacle comes in, how does Andy deal with it? The arc of the season is figuring out where her place is in this family that is inevitably being built. Obviously, Sam and Andy want to make this work, but it’s not the ideal situation. TVLINE Andy is now connected to Marlo not just in a professional way, but also in a pretty permanent way personally. You’re going to see that in different aspects throughout the entire season. I can’t even imagine what that situation would be like, going through that.

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