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Generally this means that the code must invoke the appropriate methods, e.g., Http Session.invalidate() in Java and Session.abandon() in . Clearing the cookies from the browser is a nice touch, but is not strictly necessary, since if the session is properly invalidated on the server, having the cookie in the browser will not help an attacker.

Note: the most important thing is for the application to invalidate the session on the server side.

is written in C, achieving higher performance and reducing the overhead when getting items from the backends.

This class uses an internal structure of frontend and backend components.

Since version 3.4.7 S3 Browser supports Cloud Front Invalidation and below we will show you how to invalidate Cloud Front Distributions using S3 Browser.

S3 Browser will send invalidation request for the files and/or folders you selected.

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We recommend you check this cases before using a cache: 172800, ] ); // Create the component that will cache from the 'Output' to a 'File' backend // Set the cache file directory - it's important to keep the '/' at the end of // the value for the folder $cache = new Back File( $front Cache, [ 'cache Dir' = functions or the PHP output so that it can be saved in the cache. It receives the output generated by PHP and stores it into a file.

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