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So the desire to date and have a relationship with someone is profoundly impacted by their exposure to a Christian majority. It’s likely that most of their friends are not Jewish. One hundred percent of the essays that I received approved of interfaith dating, at least for now while they are young.They’ve exposed themselves in a very visceral and sometimes humorous way. As a class, we will continue to write about Jewish subjects and I hope these teens will continue to be as honest and forthright as they have been here. As far as I know, Harrisburg, North Carolina, isn’t exactly known for its Jewish community.Here’s how her parents are trying to show her the world first.] Prior to our split, our “two-religion household” arrangement had worked well.

We wanted to share our faiths and heritages with our children, who we thought could be “both.” Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. [This 5-year-old will lose her sight to a genetic disease.The basic ones may be easy to answer, but the more personal and cultural questions may be difficult. Explain that Jews often wrestle with similar questions.Do research, talk to a rabbi or teacher, and get back to your partner with a response. Create opportunities for your significant other to learn about your upbringing. Use these opportunities to break down stereotypes and build understanding. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the center of heated discussions on many college campuses and Jews are often thrust into the conversation whether they want to be or not. Focus on making a positive case, rather than refuting anti-Israel activism. If going to Israel, celebrating Jewish holidays, or having a Jewish home is important to you, find a partner who supports your participation in these things, regardless of their background.I had a bat mitzvah, confirmation, marched on Washington on behalf of Soviet Jews, was president of my temple youth group, and traveled to Israel.I never connected my social experimentation to later in life choices, and no one prepared me before I started dating.

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