Diddy and dawn dating

And it appears they're in an "on-again" period now.

The two were at Paris Fashion Week together over the weekend, although they made a point of not walking together when photogs were around.

Too bad Social Services never check in on the rich. I would like to know if the ganja smell really does stink up the house?

If you follow Diddy on Twitter – and really, why wouldn’t you?

The couple left their hotel, Le Meurice, and visited the Givenchy, Chopard and Rolex stores prior to a stop at the Colette concept store.

(Pacific Coast News)more pics Diddy and Cassie have been doing the on-again, off-again thing for a while now.

– you know that the rap superstar taps out incessant musings on everything from the TV show Dexter to Jesus’ greatness.

But recently, his tweets have been devoted to one topic in particular: Last Train to Paris, his fifth studio LP, which also marks the debut of his new group, Diddy Dirty Money.

“I’ve said everything I could say as a solo artist, so I didn’t want tomake a whole album with just me,” he tells

Since 2013 has started, Kim has made a mad dash back into the modeling world. Also back in March she did her best to make herself relevant by putting on Instagram a picture of herself posing on a cross on – Good Friday. All of whom are younger than 18 so she still gets a paycheck for them and yet she’s doing in everything in her power to get more gigs. What would drain child support for three kids, by a millionaire, so quickly?

Even Global Grind stated in their article on her, “”. My guess would the bag of white powder she claimed was “medicine” might be draining on the account books.

In 2011 following her departure from Bad Boy Records, she launched her solo career.

Richard has released four solo projects (ATell Tale Heart, Armor On EP, Whiteout EP, and Goldenheart).

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I’m always changing my name and people are getting tired of it. I came up with Dirty Money back in 2005 when we were in a strip club in Jacksonville, Florida, during the Superbowl.

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