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I used to work for a major corporation...rules explicitly stated that one could not date their co-workers, or even work in the same someone they were related to, meaning spouses, siblings, etc.I'm currently unemployed, but at my previous place, relationships between coworkers was totally against the rules.However, if you happened to be an employee that made a lot of money for the company, the rule was ignored. This double standard was pretty much the rule for all the rules. That's why I hated it there and am glad to not be there anymore.Most government, military, and business organizations have some type of fraternization policy that applies to superior-subordinate sex.The purposes of such policies include concerns that such relationships may be the product of subtle or not-so-subtle coercion, may lead to favoritism for the subordinate, may undermine other employees' morale, may undermine the organization's reputation for fairness, may lead to retaliation suits, may embarrass the entity in public and may, in other ways, impair the effective, non-biased functioning of the organization.Neither of them did a good job though, so perhaps management just found a convenient excuse to get rid of them.

In the United States corporate world, even consensual sex by a married man with a subordinate is often viewed as inconsistent with a leader's obligation to set an example of integrity for the company, especially when accompanied by embarrassing emails. This is due, in part, to the appearance in the organization that coercion or favoritism did exist.

However, we had a low-level manager date a guy from a different team (however they still interacted on a daily basis) and the bosses said it was ok as long as she never "managed" him and didn't discuss it at work, however she was a loon, it caused a bunch of problems, she ended up quitting and the guy got mad whenever we said her name.

In another instance a manager was dating a co-worker from the same team, and it was a very well kept secret, however they were both fired because supposedly he was misusing the employee discount to buy her stuff.

In the end she lost her job too because he married someone else.

Ok let's be blunt and share some of the negative consequences I have personally experienced or observed from bosses dating their subordinates: It is risky, it is far less likely to work than not to work.

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Sarah, a 30-year-old graphic designer, met Matt through a colleague at the imaging tech company where they both worked.

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