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I love food, music, sports, adventure, hiking, swimming, minecraft, skyrium, and a whole bunch of other stuff! I live in a house with my three dogs: Marshall, Olivia and Gus Gus.

Say hi to me(: I love meeting new people and making people laugh. I'm a Lease Administrator for an Oil & Gas Company.

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I am a kind, considerate, sensitive, sarcastic, confident, goofy, thoughtful, laid back, responsible country girl with a great sense of humor who loves to laugh. I am definitely feminine but consider myself to be more sporty fem. I am a college student studying aerospace engineering. I work really hard during the week, so week nights I tend to stay in. All my adult life I knew I was Bi sexual and my (soon to be ex) husband let me explore this...

Next, Rowe passes plasmaan electrically excited ionized gasover the artifact, which selectively strips carbon from the sample.

Its essentially like slowly burning the sample, so we can just oxidize a little off the surface and collect that carbon dioxide, explains Rowe.

Over the past 20 years, chemist Marvin Rowe of Texas A&M University has developed a nondestructive method for carbon dioxide extraction.

In his process, an object is placed in a vacuum chamber and a supercritical fluida hybrid gas/liquidis applied as a solvent (as in dry cleaning).

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