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Yet, fifteen years later, TBN is still going strong, reputation mostly intact, and as for me, well, old habits die hard.I still watch TBN religiously -- not in the literal sense, but because I find myself endlessly intrigued by TBN's glitzy, showbiz approach to Christianity. His first regular gig on TBN was in the early '90s as host of a teen-oriented variety show in which he interviewed guests and sang religious pop ditties.I originally posted this some years ago, after writing it for the "Guilty Pleasures" edition of the EMP Pop Music Conference.

The following year, he was invited by Bill Gaither to tour with The Bill Gaither Trio.—which contained mostly novelty songs.

This led to a string of live concert performances and then music videos, still targeting the teen audience.

(In one of TBN's promotional spots, when two junior-high age girls catch a glimpse of Carman on TV, one of them exclaims, "he's such a hottie!

I've watched TBN since my mid-'80s high school years, during televangelism's scandalous Jim-and-Tammy era.

I became hooked because I didn't want to miss seeing TBN's founders, Paul and Jan Crouch, trip themselves up like the Bakkers and eventually go down in flames.

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