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In Intersex and Identity Preves has produced the most up-to-date, comprehensive account available of what it is like to grow up and live with a body that isn't simply male or female.

This work is compassionate, intelligent, and beautifully written, and promises to be well read and highly valued.

With sensitivity and solid critical analysis, Intersex and Identity brings to the fore the long-ignored voices of people with intersex conditions.

This is an important and accessible book for all, including patients, parents, clinicians, activists, scholars, and novice students.

This work is compassionate, intelligent, and beautifully written, and promises to be well read and highly valued."— Alice Dreger, Ph.

D., author of Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex "Sharon Preves's analysis of her interviews with adult intersexuals illuminates the power of the coming out process in transforming stigma into pride.

Resolution of these relationships is necessary for studying the steps that underlie life history, genomic, and morphological evolution of this important system.

By using data from five different nuclear genes from 10 is an important model system that allows great depth of study into how the genome is translated into a developing, functioning animal (1).

To generalize from this model, a phylogenetic context and information about related species are essential. However, genome comparisons for multiple species that are closely related can provide substantially more analytical power, as demonstrated recently by genome comparisons among several closely related yeast species (3).

For example, in the absence of a phylogeny that includes additional closely related species, a feature that is actually convergent between two species may appear to be homologous, as we show below for the case of hermaphroditic reproduction.

Also, the time and the frequency at which evolutionary events occurred, like the loss and gain of introns, may be obscured by comparing distantly related species or anciently duplicated genes.

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